Friday, July 24, 2009

Poop Sock, and Inter-Process Lack of Communication

I figured it would be interesting to see what I write with a completely fried brain at 6:33 AM. So I ended up getting an extension on my assignment which is wonderful indeed. The assignment is a beast of the C programming variety and quite the doozy. It has been quite troublesome for me to finish this assignment, seeing as this has been my first time actually writing code in C. Jumping right into forking, using exec, and communication between processes via pipes would without a doubt be difficult.

Luckily after a lot of intense labor, trial, error, swear-jar contributions, and trips to the washroom I finally got comfortable with the various glories of this low (lower then java / python) level language.

I was on the home stretch of my work, when I started running into some problems with those damn system calls. Things begun reading, writing, signaling at all sorts of weird times. After 4 billion printf statements in 4 billion different spots things were working in the correct order again. Sadly, my pipes began distorting the data passed through immediately after the previous problem was fixed :(.

Hopefully this rough experience will help motivate me to keep up in school on a more constant pace. Anyways, I am going to fry an egg on my head motor for breakfast, toodles.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shattered Dreams XD

I am never going to be a plumber, designer of forks, or an executive of any kind. Thanks a lot C programming language the dream is over (lame references to some system calls in C that are giving me a head ache)


Really, inter-process communication seems to have a bit of a learning curve to it, sort of frustrating I say. It probably does not help that I put off putting an honest effort into learning the C language until yesterday. Oh well hopefully I can get this working!

Back to work

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Korean Musical Scene!

A couple months back a friend of mine introduced me to some K-Pop, K-hiphop (not sure how to classify it all), and since then I have been listening to that sort of stuff on a consistent basis. She showed me a couple of the groups she likes a lot particularly Big Bang, A.J., SNSD, and Son Dambi.

I have definitely taken a lot to Big Bang. They have a lot of cliche male boy band traits that are a bit comical but I still like them a lot it seems. On top of that their music videos have little things in them sometimes that I find to be comedic gold.

For example, in the music video for lies, the female lead's murder weapon is a pineapple, amazing. More recently in their Japanese song Go, T.O.P (or Tempo) randomly has a screw driver for about 2 seconds.

Poor quality picture of T.O.P and his screw driver

My favorite songs by the group right now are, My Heaven, Lies, Number 1, Haru Haru, Friend, Look at Me Only, and Gara Gara Go! Aside from the music their style is pretty damn cool looking, I find myself wanting to emulate them constantly! I do not know if this is a good thing since I really need to cut back on my shopping. None the less I imagine I will be following their careers for awhile, I am also wondering if they will ever try to make a splash in North America.

On another note, a new day has begun, and reflecting on yesterday, it is amazing how I felt so rejuvenated, yet so quickly it was ruined by chaos at home.

Just shows how important home, and family are.
Anyways signing off, until next time!

While in a Labratory of Computers

I am currently poop socking at the lab at Bahein Center, and after quite a prolonged period of inefficient studying, working on assignments, or "schooling" as many Vietnamese pals of mine call it, I am happy to announce I am schooling at fine pace! Wow, run on sentence much? It is refreshing to see how well I can work when I do not let my mind wander and show some mental toughness. Wait a minute why the hell heck am I blogging?

On another note the first offense to the Snappy Kawazi anti-swearing act occurred around 1 pm of the current day. The letter "F" while being used in the context of a swear word is now officially a curse under this blog's holy/unholy sanctions. I will purchase some sort of jar "soon time" (another kudos to my Vietnamese pals) .

Well then, good bye for now, exit(1);

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cursing Begone

The quality of this post may be decreased due to the frustration of a power outage right before hitting the publish button (had to write this all over).


Snap Turtle and I have decided to begin an anti-swearing regime as of today. The rules are outlined as follows,

1) Do not speak or write any word that even vaguely resembles a swear word.

That is the lone rule, if this rule is broken one of three possible outcomes may occur.

i) The guilty party admits to his/her infringement.
ii) The guilty party fails to confess within 4 seconds, the non-guilty party points out the infraction.
iii) The guilty party fails to confess, and the non-guilty party fails to point out the infraction.

The penalties are outlined as follows,
for i) 25 cents
for ii) 50 cents
for iii) feelings of guilt

The money will be placed in the guilty party's swear jar, and collect biannually, on the first day of June and December.

My motivation for this new system is to hopefully semi cleanse myself of excessive negativity surrounding me. On top of that, I am 21 and need to grow up, honestly!

|| Participant || Total punishment fees ||
|| Kawazi || 0 ||
|| Snappy || 0 ||

Cheers to making our dreams reality
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