Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cursing Begone

The quality of this post may be decreased due to the frustration of a power outage right before hitting the publish button (had to write this all over).


Snap Turtle and I have decided to begin an anti-swearing regime as of today. The rules are outlined as follows,

1) Do not speak or write any word that even vaguely resembles a swear word.

That is the lone rule, if this rule is broken one of three possible outcomes may occur.

i) The guilty party admits to his/her infringement.
ii) The guilty party fails to confess within 4 seconds, the non-guilty party points out the infraction.
iii) The guilty party fails to confess, and the non-guilty party fails to point out the infraction.

The penalties are outlined as follows,
for i) 25 cents
for ii) 50 cents
for iii) feelings of guilt

The money will be placed in the guilty party's swear jar, and collect biannually, on the first day of June and December.

My motivation for this new system is to hopefully semi cleanse myself of excessive negativity surrounding me. On top of that, I am 21 and need to grow up, honestly!

|| Participant || Total punishment fees ||
|| Kawazi || 0 ||
|| Snappy || 0 ||

Cheers to making our dreams reality

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