Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Korean Musical Scene!

A couple months back a friend of mine introduced me to some K-Pop, K-hiphop (not sure how to classify it all), and since then I have been listening to that sort of stuff on a consistent basis. She showed me a couple of the groups she likes a lot particularly Big Bang, A.J., SNSD, and Son Dambi.

I have definitely taken a lot to Big Bang. They have a lot of cliche male boy band traits that are a bit comical but I still like them a lot it seems. On top of that their music videos have little things in them sometimes that I find to be comedic gold.

For example, in the music video for lies, the female lead's murder weapon is a pineapple, amazing. More recently in their Japanese song Go, T.O.P (or Tempo) randomly has a screw driver for about 2 seconds.

Poor quality picture of T.O.P and his screw driver

My favorite songs by the group right now are, My Heaven, Lies, Number 1, Haru Haru, Friend, Look at Me Only, and Gara Gara Go! Aside from the music their style is pretty damn cool looking, I find myself wanting to emulate them constantly! I do not know if this is a good thing since I really need to cut back on my shopping. None the less I imagine I will be following their careers for awhile, I am also wondering if they will ever try to make a splash in North America.

On another note, a new day has begun, and reflecting on yesterday, it is amazing how I felt so rejuvenated, yet so quickly it was ruined by chaos at home.

Just shows how important home, and family are.
Anyways signing off, until next time!

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