Friday, July 24, 2009

Poop Sock, and Inter-Process Lack of Communication

I figured it would be interesting to see what I write with a completely fried brain at 6:33 AM. So I ended up getting an extension on my assignment which is wonderful indeed. The assignment is a beast of the C programming variety and quite the doozy. It has been quite troublesome for me to finish this assignment, seeing as this has been my first time actually writing code in C. Jumping right into forking, using exec, and communication between processes via pipes would without a doubt be difficult.

Luckily after a lot of intense labor, trial, error, swear-jar contributions, and trips to the washroom I finally got comfortable with the various glories of this low (lower then java / python) level language.

I was on the home stretch of my work, when I started running into some problems with those damn system calls. Things begun reading, writing, signaling at all sorts of weird times. After 4 billion printf statements in 4 billion different spots things were working in the correct order again. Sadly, my pipes began distorting the data passed through immediately after the previous problem was fixed :(.

Hopefully this rough experience will help motivate me to keep up in school on a more constant pace. Anyways, I am going to fry an egg on my head motor for breakfast, toodles.

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