Tuesday, July 21, 2009

While in a Labratory of Computers

I am currently poop socking at the lab at Bahein Center, and after quite a prolonged period of inefficient studying, working on assignments, or "schooling" as many Vietnamese pals of mine call it, I am happy to announce I am schooling at fine pace! Wow, run on sentence much? It is refreshing to see how well I can work when I do not let my mind wander and show some mental toughness. Wait a minute why the hell heck am I blogging?

On another note the first offense to the Snappy Kawazi anti-swearing act occurred around 1 pm of the current day. The letter "F" while being used in the context of a swear word is now officially a curse under this blog's holy/unholy sanctions. I will purchase some sort of jar "soon time" (another kudos to my Vietnamese pals) .

Well then, good bye for now, exit(1);

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