Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan 12 2010 - First Date

Although me and Thuy have been dating a little over 2 months now we actually had not been on an official date. To clarify, we have gone to plenty of restaraunts, seen movies and such but it has all been rather spontaneous or last minute. I guess, we felt a date is planned ahead of time, like the name implies you set aside a 'date' for you two to spend together. Well the lack of dates we brought to my attentions and I quickly put together a couple activities from an online list of things-to-do.

My plan for the date was as follows:
i) Museum (ROM)
ii) Cafe
iii) Indoor Picnic and Movie

Anyways it was a great day, the ROM's renovations looked great on the inside (not so great on the outside to be honest..). As a kid I always loved rocks so we spent a good chunk of our time in that section. This one was my favorite, it almost looks like a mini earth.

Every good trip to the museum must include a visit to the dinosaur section. Which we did as seen here,

After the museum we had bubble tea (was not feeling the cafe anymore) and head back for the all anticipated indoor picnic,

Sadly the movie we wanted to watch was not in at blockbuster (Amelie) so we ended up watching Girl in the Cafe (a bit disappointing), still it was a great day.

In conclusion our first date was a success ! :) and here is today's pokemon!


Gardevoir's hair covers her face, this trait is often connected with emo-ness, not that Lori is emo but her profile pics always look very emotional. Additionally Gardevoir is a psychic type that is very intelligent, just like Lori!

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