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Jan 23, 2009 - CUSEC

January 23, 2010

CUSEC came to a close on this day. It was an interesting experience. Looking back at what I thought of the speeches my first day, I feel now that the overwhelming feeling I experienced was based more on the people surrounding me then the speeches. The people around me on this trip were amongst the most brilliant, I believe, of all the attendees of CUSEC. It seems my nature is to feel that the light glorifying another only emphasizes the shadow around me.

I had the most fun today, I was really excited to go to Mont Royal. I spent around 200 on drinks and clubs in Montreal but all that really does not compare to that for me. I guess I am a dork for that. Me, Andrei, and Greywolf (Alex) climbed up the 'volcano' and made it up to the top before dark. The view from the top
is worth the climb. Our descent was also quite fun, why walk when you can slide? Instead of struggling down the slippery slopes, we slid down almost all the way down on my butt. It was quite well executed except for Andrei almost having his face impaled by a branch. So this was the highlight of the trip for sure.

The city from the top

Unidentified red goo

A peanut on the mountain
Well, CUSEC was an different experience for me, time will tell if I benefited from it. I am glad to be heading
back to Toronto though, feeling a bit homesick.

January 22, 2010

Lately I have observed (well only twice that I can think of) my behavior following a tu quoque like pattern. It has led to some bad results.

Case One: Perhaps a common phenomenon. About a week ago me and Thuy were trotting along Bloor Street. I guess instead of using the street lights themselves as markers to tell me when to stop and go, I simply imitated the set of legs in front of me. The end result was a completely unintentional J-Walk. Luckily we were only nearly trampled by an incoming vehicle.

Case Two: As I lay in bed this morning, the clock struck seven. I swerved my head to observe my chamber mates were all still induced in a peaceful slumber. This group hibernation remained in tact until around noon sadly. At this time we had missed 3 speeches.

January 21, 2010

Well I am currently in Montreal at the CUSEC conference. The festivities
kicked off today at 8 30 AM.

We woke up at 7 am but Stephanie, Ian, and I decided to go back to sleep and arrive at the end of the registration period rather then beginning. The time to make it by was 9:30 latest, we woke up at 9:30. It is funny how this forbidden sleep is so damn amazing though. That 2:30 hours of procrastinating the commencement of our day was heavenly. I must of had roughly 20 dreams, it felt like an eternity.

The festivities began with speeches. The speakers were Matt Knox, Pete Forde (Unspace), Sergei Savchenko (EA), and Reg Braithwaite.

Well my experience with the speeches has been a mixed bag. The first two were not overly technical and this was good for me. Due to my lack of working experience I am not up to par with the lingo, there are even a bunch of programming languages and concepts I am completely ignorant about (Ruby, Fortran, Ruby on Rails, Cloud?). This left me feeling a couple things on one hand it made me feel insecure, especially in comparison to a lot of the other people at the conference. Some of the other students at CUSEC have done some amazing things, once I remember ill link them. On the other hand, it exposed me to a lot of ideas that help me feel more connected with software industry as a whole which is good.

The EA talk was far too techie for me to get absorb anything.

Pete Forde brought up a funny quote (not sure by who) it went something like, If you find yourself procrastination you aught to be working in whatever you are doing during this procrastination. TO which someone instantly connected to a career specializing in masturbating.

In the end the speeches were okay, nothing really blew me away. It just seems that these speeches are not aimed towards someone at my stage of understanding things. This also made me ponder how useful my education will be at the end. As a third year student who consistently gets A's in most courses I put an honest effort, I still feel utterly overwhelmed by everything going on.

But that probably is not the point of our education. Although we lack the specific knowledge about certain programming languages or lingoes, the study we break our backs over I hope will put us in the right frame of mind to absorb what needs to be absorbed when we finally work. Then we can emerge from our cocoon as the pretty nerd butterfly we all dreamed of

Or maybe I am just sucking at all this, who knows.

Another interesting tid-bit that I felt a connection to was this imposter theorem? Maybe more on this another time.

On a side note, back home Thuy had a bit of trouble using my cdf account to print articles. Apparently the articles were much longer then she had first imagined (over 150?). It was a traumatizing experience for her trying to get the printer to stop. Poor Tweety :P she is boycotting the CDF labs now.

It is getting difficult to write now, the room next door is full of rowdy and awkward geeks yelling. It
is quite hard to concentrate so I will leave it at that for tonight.

Good Night

P.S Reubens - Not Great. Supposedly quite well known for their smoked meat (although not up there with Schwartz), I was not thrilled with mine. I am not sure if it was a product of the it being at Reubens or me just not liking smoked meat.

Jan 20, 2010
I was going to say what happened on this day, but very lazy, and people in next room so damn loud and annoying.

Good Night Again.

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