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January 26 2010 - NBA Midseason Fantasy Review

PICTURE OF THE DAY - How Corny! ;)

The NBA has reached the midway point of the 2009/2010 season. That makes it a good time to look at my fantasy teams and reflect on the events that have transpired.

All of my teams are Yahoo Fantasy Basketball teams and 9-Cat Rotisserie format, Here are my standing for my 3 leagues.

League NameTeam NamePointsRankPoint Difference
DKDK651 out of 1010 points ahead of lead
Yahoo Public 324833DK751 out of 121 points ahead of lead
Yahoo Public 324834DK791 out of 127 points ahead of lead

*Sigh why is there a big chunk of space there? Oh well.

My rosters:
League DK
Russel Westbrook
Jason Richardson
Chris Paul
Caron Butler
Carl Landry
LaMarcus Aldridge
Troy Murphy
Andrew Bynum
Andre Iguodala
Aaron Brooks
Nene Hilario

Yahoo Public 324833
Deron Williams
Jason Terry
Trevor Ariza
Michael Beasley
Nene Hilario
David West
Chris Bosh
Troy Murphy
Aaron Brooks
Carl Landry
Luol Deng

Yahoo Public 324834
Aaron Brooks
Luol Deng
Kevin Durant
Jason Richardson
Luis Scola
Trevor Ariza
Brook Lopez
Channing Frye
Deron Williams
Nene Hilario
Mehmet Okur

Almost all the underlined players are guys I had pegged for big years at seasons start. I went out of my way to pick up a couple guys namely, Brooks, Deng, Nene in drafting. These guys I felt I would get good value for and it has paid off (Brooks 57th, Nene 18th, Deng 47th). I managed to grab Brooks late in every team, and Nene in 2/3 leagues (I picked up Galinari in league DK and recently traded him for Nene), and Deng in 2/3 leagues. These solid value picks have helped me reach the top in all 3 leagues.

Another guy I targeted was Oden, Marcus Camby, and Channing Frye. Greg Oden got off to a beast start, but sadly we all know how that ended. At the same time he got injured I had just traded Marcus Camby for Jason Richardson in league DK, probably my biggest blunder of the season (up there with not following intuition on Butler instead opting to listen to Rick Kamla and Dennis Scott lol). The Camby trade was fueled due to an at the time dire need for 3 pointers. This backfired big time as Chris Paul returned from injury, Brooks heating up from 3, and J-Richs addition causing me to have excess 3 pointers. Losing Camby hurt a lot, statistically and mentally as it was a hit to my pride. Jason Richardson has been hugely disappointing as well after his hot start. Luckily solid overall play across the board has allowed me to stay up top.

Anyways, here are some of the surprises for me of the first half,

Danilo Gallinari - I don't think anyone could of predicted top 35 production out of this Italian Stallion.

Marcus Camby - I knew I got good value late for him, but I did not think he could remain healthy as much as he has. I cringe every time I see him put up 12/20,7 or something.

Gerald Wallace - 42 Games played, great to see G Force stay healthy for once, we have always loved his game.

Zach Randolph - My god, Z Bo has beasted it this year and has Memphis playing great ball. He has been a fantasy monster this year and become an improved team mate.

Stephen Curry - I am not sure why this is surprising, a dynamite scorer playing on Golden State. Maybe it was the fear of Don Nelson that had me weary of Curry. I wish I had conquered this fear, but Nelson's rape on the career of our beloved Anthony Randolph had me traumatized.

Corey Maggette - The Xzibit look-a-like had never been one of my favorite players but he has having a great year averaging 20/6 on a ridiculous 54.1% from the field. He will never be great from 3 or get many steals and blocks but you can count on him to boost your free throws as he gets to the line an unbelievable 8.4 times while shooting a smooth 84.7%.

Carl Landry - I quickly picked this guy up in 2/3 of my leagues and he has become one of my favorite players in the entire NBA. This guy is a straight up baller and psycho. He plays with more ferocity and heart then anyone else in the NBA. This guy is the front runner for sixth man of the year right now with his main competition being Maggette and Crawford.


This man here has helped me place first in all my leagues.

Biggest Disappointments (for me)

Caron Butler - Damn I messed up on this one. My intuition told me Butler's value would take a hit with Arenas back, which appeared to be true. Lately Butler has not picked up his play with the Arenas fiasco, so his decline appears to be more so based on his own performance rather then circumstance.

Deron Williams - He has not been horrible, but his numbers are down across the board. Watching him last year I felt this guy could put motha *****s on skates at will. I just don't feel the same way anymore. I love his game so I hope he picks it up.

Anthony Randolph - When given minutes has been solid, but Don Nelson's inconsistent rotations have destroyed this guys fantasy value. He just needs an opportunity to learn and the sky is the limit. Fire Don Nelson.


Enough said...

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