Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9 2010 - The Fall of Technology

As a 22 year old quasi asian male, I constantly find myself immersed in technology. This situation is further stimulated by my course of study, computer science, and my genetically nerdy composition.

However, over the past couple of weeks technology has been failing me, or rather I have been failing it. It began in Edmonton, where in an act of childish loneliness I began replacing my real life friends with corresponding digital representations as pokemon. For example,

The fun was cut short when I gracefully deleted my copy of Pokemon Platinum! It was a sad moment laced in profanity. Making the problem worse was my lack of a SD reader to recopy the game! I had lost my computerized companions but little did I know the fall of technology had just begun!

A couple days later I arrived in Whitehorse and that very night my laptop began to show troubling symptoms. In my rush to remedy my lack of DS games I had somehow contracted a horrible virus which prevented my laptop from working at all. Lacking any sort of boot disk or Windows installer I was left only with my beloved camera.

And now recently, as seen in my picture of the drink up top (Honeydew Milkshake from Destiny), my beloved Camera is gone. She has left me for Utah, I do not know if I have the power to forgive.

Anyways, the fall of technology indeed ;(

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