Sunday, June 13, 2010

3 - Favorite TV Show

Although not watched on television my favorite show is Naruto. Breaking down the show into components I will explain why I love this show step by step :)

1) Story - While the plague of many Shōnen animes is the story line, many (but not all) feel this is not the case with Naruto. Often in the said genre plot line is broken up iteratively into discreet parts. A little more on this sort of common Shōnen plot structure. Each part of these broken down plot blocks tends to follow a very similar archetype. For example it might be a five step process like this:

i) Peace
ii) New bad guy shows up
iii) Over confident main character beaten up and humbled
vi) Train
v) Beat bad guy

Anyways there is a certain satisfaction fans get from the constant defeating of new powerful bad guys, but the overall grandeur of the series if decreased exponentially with each iteration. Not only that it is hard not to feel like a silly billy observing the predictability of the plot.

Naruto, as I said does not follow this structure. The plot follows a continuous flow (minus filler seasons, but I will pretend those don't exist..) where elements at any point usually connect gracefully with other points. Not only that, but the plot is really interesting, cool, and touching, I think.

2) The Universe - One of the biggest strengths of the show is the fictional universe created by Masashi Kishimoto. The landscape, architecture of the show does a good job setting a good mood. Second everything about being a ninja in Naruto is well done. The techniques are unique and in general pretty awesome. More importantly is the strategy and choreography of fights actually make a lot of sense. That is a phrase the show, makes a lot of sense. But the most important factor in making Naruto stand out are the characters. They're Well developed, memorable, and given lives that connect their hearts to yours. They die too, a very sadistic thing to say, but it is an important element of story telling as a struggle that everyone can relate to in someway. A happy fictional universe where everyone good magically survives seems nice, but I feel foolish letting myself be taken for a ride emotionally by something that ridiculous.

3) Animation - There are moments in Naruto where the drawings are not so great, especially in the beginning of shippuuden, but overall the animation is quite good. My understanding is that there are two different teams that animate episodes, it is really obvious that one team does a much better job then the other to me. I cannot recall where I heard this from, so I could be wrong, nonetheless some episodes are great while others are absolute bollocks. When the good team is doing work, the show looks awesome, evident by the thousands of music videos people make using Naruto primarily.

4) Sound - A huge strength of the show, the music helps set the mood in this show and coupled with great voice acting will blow you away!

That seems to sum up why I enjoy this show so much... For me what brings it above everything else I have watched is how it captures the pain of individuals and situations. It shows how the individuals are effected and the ways they deal with it, positive or negative. I guess this part of the show hits a note for me personally, as I feel seeing how people deal with the issues that pain them interesting and at times touching.

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