Sunday, July 4, 2010

7 - A Picture That Makes you Happy

FREAKING CUTE!!! ( taken from here )
But anyways here is one of my own photos that makes me smile.

Well this is a very flamboyant picture of myself that usually makes people hoot and holler. I look terrible in many ways but the reaction of others to it makes it kind of memorable. Members of the Kobayashi family are well aware of it's existence as are my friends.

It was taken when I was in grade 12, an odd time indeed. I had made the horrible decision to dye my hair orange. My current style was a bit odd as well, highly composed of poorly fitting dress shirts and dress pants.

The picture was a swift, unanticipated assault by an uncle or aunt who I cant remember specifically... Everyone quickly was made aware of the embarrassing photograph.

So yes! Although I feel silly this is a photo that makes me happy.

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