Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 10: A photo of you taken over ten years ago

Here I am with some inanimate objects who had been friends of mine. As you can see I am quite young here, thus fulfilling the requirements for this day's task! Indeed this trend in befriending objects that the average sane person would not call alive would continue into adulthood (adulthood might be a controversial remark on myself) I have always felt an odd thing, a thing that has enticed some degree of mockery from some. I always felt all objects had some sort of emotions, even if scientifically I was clearly wrong. In the novel I read recently 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?' an exploration of what differentiates human beings and the fictional androids occurs. One term thrown around quite often is that of empathy, the capability of one to 'put yourself in the shoes of another. Yes this is something quite characteristic of our race of super advanced monkeys.

It would appear this ability is beneficial, however I am a case of empathy gone haywire. I put my self in the shoes of everything! Other people, clothing garments, plush animals, candies shaped like kittens, bloody everything. The result is a life of constant emotional turmoil over obviously useless thing like eating a chocolate bunny. Interestingly this feeling is trumped by that of fear and hunger. For example, I no problem destroying an invading centipede or spider that happens to cross my path. Additionally I have never felt the urge to become a vegetarian.

Well that is all I can say about this photo, my hair was so curly back then. Now it is labeled as the 'thickest hair I have ever seen' by 93% of hair dressers I have met.

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