Monday, August 2, 2010

Miami Heat Offseason Review

The dust is finally starting to settle and we are getting a relatively clear view of the 2010/2011 NBA landscape. While it is blatantly obvious that it is going to be a rough year for my precious Raptors, the eastern conference as a whole (especially at the top) is looking extremely competitive.

Miami seems to be the clear cut favorites in the East with the additions of King Crab and Brontosaurus. Every day I ponder how the birth of this fearsome trio was even possible - let alone legal! Clearly this power shift was legal and did happen though and Miami is now a force to be reckoned with. To top it off they have cut off all their useless fat, and managed to assemble an above average supporting cast.

Moving in another direction for a moment here is a quick tidbit on CB4 and LBJ's decisions to join Flash in South Beach.

As a Toronto fan I wish him the best of luck in Miami. A lot of Raptor's fans are upset by Bosh's use of Twitter and social media during his free agency. Although some of his tweets have been borderline annoying for me, in general I don't feel he really did anything wrong. He is right, he was a wolf in a cage (a tweet that aroused much anger on realgm) in Toronto. He was surrounded by players who could obviously not match his skill level, but more importantly could not match his effort and intensity on the basketball court. Again, there was almost no reason for him to stay. It was the best decision for him and us to move own to the next stage in his career.

For me, it was a joy getting to see Bosh grow into the top power forward in the NBA (in my opinion) I always saw a bit of him in myself (timid, techie, lanky) and had a vested interest in his career. I really hope he does well and gets the recognition he deserves. I also worry that when/if it does happen his ego may get out of control. I really hope he stays somewhat humble but it will be hard. From my observation of Bosh I feel he may have certain insecurities about a lot of things. National recognition for one. With insecurity comes a highly fluctuating personality, one that can ride the waves of success all the way into the sky. With your head in the clouds that ego gets pretty crazy and you act unnatural and awkward. I suspect this may happen to our beloved dino, but I am hoping I am wrong.

But anyways, farewell dear dinosaur, I will cheer for you and not boo when you return to Toronto :)

I'll keep things short with Lebron and "The Decision"

I agree that winning a championship with 3 superstars (2 would of been fine in terms of legacy i.e Jordan and Pippen) makes a championship a less impressive feet. It will be very hard indeed for Lebron match the legacies of Jordan, Kobe, Magic, and Bird with his new team. That said, who cares really? All the analysts and media guys do, but does Lebron? He could believe that this choice does not take away from his legacy. I personally feel this was his way of saying screw all that, I honestly just want to be happy, and I can't hate on that. In the end if he does not have the legacy of Kobe or the others, he was still an amazing player. Hopefully that is enough to satisfy a king.

Back to the Heat

Joel Anthony will see a lot of minutes at center and should be extremely solid for them. Actually a bit more on Joel Anthony, being Canadian I have seen him play for the national team and heard a bit more on him then the average fan. This guy flat out gives it his all whenever I have seen him play, he is all about team and effort. He is also one of those guys who could care less if he gets dunked on. This is a good thing and that attitude help him contribute in making Miami a top defensive team (when you look at their roster it is very surprising) in 2009/2010. Now replace Michael Beasley and Dorell Wright with Chris Bosh and Lebron James and you have a team that looks to be a lock to repeat this achievement.

Mike Miller is a perfect fit as a sixth man. Mario Chalmers seem to be a good fit, I haven't seen him play too much but my impression is he is a decent shooter and known for his perimeter defense. Which is really all they need from him. Finally Jamal Magloire, Shavlik Randolf, James Jones, and some second round picks who are all below average players but should be good enough to get by.

The only move Miami has done that I have not been as big on was sending Beasley out of town. I really don't know the inside story but I thought the big three of Miami would be able to bring out the best in B-easy. I guess trading him freed up space to resign Anthony and acquire Mike Miller? If that is the case then it was a solid move. Speaking of Beasley, props to Michael Beasley Sr. for making a funny on twitter (for those who have not heard do a Google search on "Michael Beasley Sr. Delonte West")

In conclusion the Miami Heat had the greatest offseason in the history of the NBA (and possibly sports) and are "The" team to watch in 2010/2011. Getcha popcorn ready folks it's going to be a wild ride in South Beach.

Off season Grade - S (better then A+)
2010/2011 Record - 65 - 17 (First in East)

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