Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movember Ends Plus Fantasy Tid Bits

In an hour or two the long awaited end of 'Movember' will finally be here. In total I raised 120 dollars (Thank you Mom, Dad, and Thuy)

Through out the month I received various feed back on the state of my face, here is a quick recap.

Thuy - "Ew"

Team Lead - (bursts out laughing during my speech at a stand up meeting) "I am sorry I just can't take you seriously"

Random Person at Work - "Nice Stache Man" (smirks and chuckles a bit)

Landlord - "Eh Steven, you got a little dirt on your face!"

Philip - "I like it"

The feed back was mixed, although generally negative. An unsurprising result. The former stache suffered from what is known mustache asian-white hybridism. It is a state characterized by long, uneven, low volume facial hair. This terrible facial hair set up is often subject to mockery and believed to not be very masculine. Thus the snickers.

Oh in other news here is the fantasy team I have been paying most attention to this year in league DK (in which I am commissioner - 18 teams, weekly roster changes, h2h, 9 cat)

PG Russell Westbrook
SG Arron Afflalo
G Jason Terry
SF Trevor Ariza
PF Kevin Love
F Nicholas Batum
C Pau Gasol
C Lamarcus Aldridge
U JJ Hickson
U Eric Bledsoe

B James Harden
B Ty Lawson
B Tiago Splitter

A very strong team. Essential the entire team has been great value except JJ Hickson and Trevor Ariza.

My short-term concerns,
- It is hard to complain about the number 1 ranked fantasy player of the year but Gasol has entered a mini slump. I am sure he will get out of it soon. I need him to do good now though as I am facing the top team in the league (I am second)
- Shooting slumps: Jason Terry and Nicholas Batum

Long term concerns,
- Shot blocking ( I have remained competitive in the category due to luck sort of. Slightly inflated blocking numbers from Aldridge and Gasol)
- JJ Hickson got off to a decent start but has been beyond awful. I need to get someone else in there asap but the league is very quick on picking up FAs so it can be very difficult.
- Wesley Mathews. This guy has taken over Nicholas Batum's starting spot in wake of his poor play in the last 2 games. It is hard to gauge the right action in this situation as Batum had a 3 game slump earlier only to absolutely explode right after. Brandon Roy going down would also free up more minutes for Batum which is highly likely.
- Turnovers (Westbrook I love you but god damn you and your turnovers)

Will try to give an overview of the landscape of our league next time!


  1. Very funny post about the stache.

  2. Bitch, update this damn blogggggggggggggg


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