Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hello - My Life Updated!

Hello to the one or two (kind estimate..) people who might possibly read this. How are you doing? I doubt you realized I was gone. Jerks... Sometimes I do find this whole 'blogging' thing to be rather embarrassing. However, I decided to write some stuff because looking back it is good for a chuckle or two. Anyways, no commitments for the future but here is an update on my life!

This is me now,

 Dashing, I know, to the left is my friend Thuy appears to be eating something.

Now here is my lovely girlfriend of now 3 years, 6 months, 30 days (thank you

Here she is in all her glory! What a lovely, and smart young lady!

Also I have nearly completed my education at long last. I am completing a single summer course (philosophy of knowledge (metaphysics and epistemology)) The road to graduation has been a long and mostly ugly ride for me. My university performance has been down and up (emphasis on down) but I would be lying if I said I have not learned plenty. Here is a timeline of my university life,
Fall 2004- 2005 Participate in STEPs to University (an offering of SOC101Y1 for high school students)
Fall 2005- 2006 "Victory Lap" at Bloor Collegiate Institute
Fall 2006-2007 First year as a Life Science student!
Summer 2007 Traumatic Yukon Experiences
Fall 2007 Second year Life Science and Intro to Programming
Winter 2008 Switched into Computer Science! Complete first year CS
Fall 2008 Begin Second year Computer Science a.k.a the worst semester in U of T history
(Lang moves in, coincidence, I wonder?)
Winter 2009 Baby steps in second year Computer Science...
Summer 2009 More baby steps in second year Computer Science ....
Fall 2009 GETTING SERIOUS IN DAT SCHOOLIN, finish second year CS and English writing
(Started dating Thuy, coincidence, I wonder?)
Winter 2010 Started third year CS
Fall 2010-2011 Participate in P.E.Y. (professional experience year) at Research in Motion.
(RIM stock plummet nearly 30%, coincidence, I wonder?)
Fall 2011 Complete third year CS
Winter 2012 Start fourth year CS
Fall 2012 Finish fourth year CS
Winter 2013 Realize short a bunch of electives, take a crap load of courses
(those baby steps turning into non-baby kicks to the butt)
Summer 2013 Philosophy of knowledge!
All and all it has been a journey. I am really glad I chose computer science although I do wonder how things would have turned out if I had stuck with life sciences. I have started looking for work and it is going pretty well (minus the fact that I am unemployed) Okay well I guess that means it is not going so well but at least I am not crying or something. Maybe now that I am somewhat competent in the wondrous world of computer science I might have something useful to say about the topic. That could be a direction I take this blog maybe.

Anyways, kudos to anyone who actually reads this!

Good day,

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